Medium voltage switchgears DELS

Medium voltage switchgears DELS

Medium voltage, metal-clad, air insulated switchgears, internal arc resistant, for primary energy distribution facilities. Characteristics of the DELS switchgears:

Metal-clad, air insulated switchgear. Intended for medium voltage energy distribution. Factory tested for indoor installation. Resistant to the appearance of an electric arc.

Parts of the switchgear are separated by metal barriers that are connected to the cell ground. The use of insulating materials is limited. It is equipped with mechanical safety locks. Commissioning, maintenance and operation of the switchgear can be carried out from the front.

The following appliances can be installed in the switchgear: gas and vacuum switch, V contactor and disconnector.

The switchgear can be equipped with standard current transformers or a new generation of current voltage sensors. Provides a wide range of functionality in any application. It is modular, which facilitates installation.

DELS is a medium voltage metal-clad switchgear manufactured in accordance with IEC 6227 200, suitable for indoor installation. The switchgear is modular and is assembled by placing standardized components part by part in a precisely determined order. The individual parts of the cell (low voltage part, the part for the switch and the part for the cables) are separated from each other by metal partitions, whereby the live parts are insulated with air. The switchgear provides a guarantee for the functionality of the equipment parts in terms of safety in the event of an electric arc, which is regulated by IEC 6227-200.

Installation and assembly of the switchgear is very simple. The switchgear can also be mounted against a wall. Access to the part of the switchgear where the power cables are connected can be made from the front.

Areas of application of MV switchgear DELS:

Electricity generation and distribution switchgears

Power plants (hydro and thermal), Transformer stations, Main and auxiliary plants.


Paper, chemical, food, cement and petrochemical industries.


Airports, ports, railways.

Services sector

Shopping centers, hospitals, spatial and infrastructural facilities.


Type tests of DELS switchgear cells (12kV and 24kV) were performed in CESI laboratories in Milan, in accordance with the IEC 62271-200 standard. (Voltage – insulation tests, Temperature rise, Short-circuit tests)

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