Low voltage distribution cabinets

Low voltage distribution cabinets

In its production program DELING d.o.o. Tuzla, has developed the production of LV cabinets of various types and purposes:

  • LV cabinets for standard compact transformer stations: KBTS, LMTS, MBTS, STS and others
  • LV cabinets for substations in buildings
  • Command – measuring LV cabinets
  • LV cabinets in energy and industry
  • LV Cabinets in Shopping Centers
  • LV Cabinets for public buildings and special purpose buildings
  • LV Cabinets for residential buildings

Areas of application of low voltage distribution cabinets:

Electricity generation and distribution plants

Power plants (hydro and thermal), Transformer stations, Main and auxiliary plants.


Paper, chemical, food, cement and petrochemical industries.


Airports, ports, railways.

Services sector

Shopping centers, hospitals, spatial and infrastructural facilities.


The high level of technical quality of LV cabinets was verified by type tests of the main distributive switchgear for currents up to and including 2000A type MDB, conducted at the KONČAR Institute, which is accredited by: EA european co-operation for Accreditation. DELING has the following certificates for low voltage distribution cabinets:

Characteristics of low voltage distribution cabinets:

Low-voltage distribution cabinets are intended for the distribution of electricity and control of electric motor drives and processes in industry at the low-voltage level. They are manufactured for currents up to 3200A and short-circuit currents Icw up to 60 kA / 1s, and type tested for currents up to and including 2000A. For rated currents up to and including 4000A and Icw above 60 kA, distribution cabinets manufactured and assembled according to standardized configurations (under the license of ABB Striebel & John) have the status of type-certified cabinets, with short-circuit current up to 100 kA.

The construction consists of perforated bent profiles made of pickled steel sheet up to 2.5 mm thick, interconnected by welding or with assembly technology of construction profiles and angle castings, under license from Striebel & John. The front doors open to an angle of 120 °, and the sides and backs are made as fixed covers, lockable lids or a combination of fixed covers and revolving doors to access the equipment from the rear as required. The lock on the front door is swivel with fixing in three points.

Vertical and horizontal perforated brackets made of steel pickled sheet metal (2 – 3) mm are used to accommodate the equipment inside the cabinet. Cabinet panels have their own stands, which fit into a functionally connected set. The number of panels in the style is dictated by the conditions of transport and installation on the building, as well as the weight and dimensions of the installed equipment.

The degree of mechanical protection depending on the conditions and place of installation is IP20 to IP55. A high degree of IP protection is achieved using automated (robot) technology for pouring polyurethane sealant on doors and cabinet lids. Corrosion protection is performed by electrostatic coating, standard in color RAL 7032/7035 or in a shade according to the request of the Purchaser.

Cabinet dimensions are standardized, but depending on the conditions at the installation site can be different. Standard dimensions for cabinets are in the ranges:

Freestanding cabinets type ISL, Surface / Built-in cabinets type NL
Width: 400-1200mm Width: 400-1400mm
Depth: 400-900mm Depth 200-350mm
Height: 1600-2200mm Height: 550-1400mm

The production of cabinets is based on a modular system, so that a wide range of different panel configuration options is opened. Free-standing and wall-mounted distribution cabinets in protection IP30 – IP54 are completed with PVC insulation panels, the use of which completely prevents accidental contact of parts of live elements.

Production and assembly of LV distribution cabinets according to TTA Contract: DELING – ABB Sriebel & John Germany.

Distribution cabinets manufactured and assembled according to standardized configurations have the status of type-certified cabinets. Verification of compliance with the type configuration is performed by Striebel & John and approves the issuance of a type certificate for the assembled cabinet according to a verified scheme.

Technical characteristics of LV cabinets according to standards:
Rated operating voltage (Ue) up to 690V
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) up to 1000V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Rated tolerable impulse voltage 8kV
Rated current up to In=4000A
Rated maximum withstand current (Ipk) 0.1 sec up to 220 kA
Rated short-circuit withstand current (Icw) 1.0 sec up to 100 kA

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