Compact Secondary Substation in Aluminum enclosure CSSinAL

CSSinAL 630 housing is composed of ready prefabricated type sheet elements and of a supportive steel galvanized profile sub-construction.

Prefabricated type sheet elements are made of 3 mm aluminum and are protected by dry electrostatic polymerization in a nuance marked as RAL 7032 .

The basic construction is vertical profiled pillars and horizontal pillars, reinforced in two axes, in the uphousingper and lower part of the pillars. Anticorrosive protection of sub-construction is made by wet varnishing in such a way that two layers of primer and then one layer of finish in a nuance marked as RAL 9006. Such established sub-construction, in the next step, is mounted on reinforced-concrete foundation. Connection between sub-construction and foundation is realized by anchored M16 screws. 

Inside the housing, there are cross-connected profiled panels, which make physical division into sections of LV block, MV block and substation. This way of construction formation gives it firmness and stability.  Pillar linings made of 3 mm aluminum sheet are first mounted on supportive sub-construction and then come door and masks. The housing door is made with horizontal ventilation openings which provide enough input and output air flow for natural transformer substation cooling.

CSSinAL is mounted in a way that a transformer supporter made of reinforced UNP 14 profiles are connected to profiles anchored in reinforced concrete foundation. MV and LV blocks are mounted in a way that they are leaned on specially prepared profile supporters connected by welding to profiles anchored in reinforced concrete foundation. Under the substation there is oil- and water tight bath large enough to accept all the quantities of possible oil leaking from the energetic substation. Thereby a possibility of probable spillage of substation oil or spread of fire is prevented. Use of oil bath is in accordance with application of Rulebook on technical regulations for special protection of electro-energetic plants from fire (“Official Gazette of SFRY”, No. 16/66, changes and amendments published in “Official Gazette of SFRY”, No.  58/72 and 24/75).

Lifting and transport of the CSSinAL 630  housing is done by hooking on four angles of the housing roof. Its compact dimensions and weight provide easy transport and mounting on the site.

CSSinAL 630 is mounted on a previously prepared reinforced concrete surface. Preparation of the reinforced concrete surface is done according to the type design or according to instructions for terrain preparation.

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Basic outdoor dimensions of substation are: 2130 x 2130 x 2590 mm. housing mass without LV block, MV block and substation is 1500 kg.

It is not foreseen to have a fire extinguisher as the substation is without crew. Transformer substation in its construction and equipment characteristics gives enough firefighting safety.