ABB Group is a world leading engineering company in the field of power industry, which manufactures equipment and provides services offers complete solutions in the areas of production, transmission and distribution of electricity, industry, oil, gas and oil industry, industrial process plants, metals and industrial manufacturing process, supported by financial services.


In 1891. Otto Steiner founded the company in manufacturing tires and cables. This "great grandfather" the current CEO, has discovered a new product for the cable. On the Schwechat plant builds tires and cables. After the sudden death of Otto Steiner 1907th Whatever. company takes over his father Heinrich Eger, a company without experiencing expansion. 1912th Whatever. Heinrich Eger transformed the company into a GmbH and the company changed its name to Schwechater Kabelwerke (SKW). 


The business activity of the KONČAR Group lies mostly in power generation, distribution and transmission of electrical energy, industry and electric traction. Founded in 1921, KONČAR nowadays consists of 20 dependent companies and 1 affiliated company, and has around 4000 employees. Annual sales amount to 320 million euros, of which more than half is exports. Furthermore, during recent years our group has delivered products and plants to more than 100 countries on all the continents. 


The foundations of company Philips were laid in 1891st, when Anton and Gerard Philips established Philips & Co.. in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company began producing lamp with carbon filament and at the end of the century has become one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Inspired by the industrial revolution in Europe, the first research laboratory Philips innovation in creating the first x-ray and radio technology. Over the years the increasing number of inventions that included a number of revolutionary inventions that continuously enrich the daily lives of people


Siemens AG is a global leader in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, from around 410,000 employees and is one of the largest and oldest companies in the world. In the past 160 years, Siemens has known for technical innovations, innovation, quality and reliability of products and services offered in over 190 countries, and to integrate the solutions in the areas of energy, industry, transport, medicine and information technology.


Schneider Electric, a leading specialist in energy management. It offers integrated solutions of making energy safe, reliable and efficient in energy and infrastructure, industry, data centers, building and housing."


group was established in 1982 by Pietro Beghellija, and is now one of the leading anti panic lighting in Italy and Europe.


is a leading supplier and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting techniques, and also offers specific lighting solutions. As a leading company in the lighting industry, Siteco is known for innovation, quality and service.