DELING has 250 Employees :

  •     1 PhD in Electrical Engineering
  •     3 Master of Electrical Engineering
  •   22 Graduated Electrical Engineers
  •     2 Graduated Civil Engineer
  •     3 Graduated Mechanical Engineers
  •     4 Technicians of Electrical Engineering
  •     7 Graduated of Economics and Business Administration
  •     3 Law School graduates
  •     2 Economist
  • 200 Highly qualified and qualified Electricians, Metalworkers, and workers of other 

DELING R&D and designing of important projects in the country and abroad belongs to dr. MEVLUDIN Glavić, an engineer in charge of development, a full time employee.

In the field of designing, apart from DELING employees we cooperate with :

  • University of Electrical Engineering Zagreb, Croatia
  • University of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, BiH
  • University of Electrical Engineering Tuzla, BiH
  • Mining institute Tuzla, BiH

The most significant cooperation has been realized with Prof.PhD.sci. SEID Tešnjak, a full time professor at University of Electrical Engineering and computer science in Zagreb, Croatia who has been engaged in many projects regarding planning, realization and attesting process.